Leading Solution Porvider of DI Pipes, Fittings & Related Products

CNBM Division III is a strategic part of CNBM International Corporation and one of the pioneering suppliers of DI pipes, fittings and systematic products in China since 1990s.
We are leading the market by supplying:
· Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings
· Couplings and Adaptors
· Valves
· Manhole Covers and Gully Gratings
· Fire Hydrants series
Through the past three decades, CNBM has accumulated the experience to cover almost any need across water supply, sewer, waste water, storm water, drainage, plumbing, gas, electrical, communication, mining, rural and irrigation.

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East region potable water supply, Indonesia, 2017

Extension of municipal water supply in cape town, South Africa, 2014

KWB water transmission project, Balkan Region, 2018

Lusaka water and sewage company, Zambia, 2015

Wastewater treatment plant on Stonecutters Island, Hong Kong, 2017