OKorder Financial Service Systems Overview

CNBM OKorder's finance service system is based upon existing business models and tailored for enterprises involved in E-commerce. Our service members are able to easily become users, receive credit certification, a credit rating and enjoy the benefits of credit. We are also proud to offer purchasing on credit, as well as other value-added services.
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Credit Rating

OKorder's professional risk control team and management team are well-versed in cutting-edge credit rating technology, and combined with CNBM's nearly 20 years..

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Credit Services

OKorder's credit service utilizes a credit evaluation service developed and based upon registered customer credit ratings, allowing those users that meet...

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Credit Purchasing

OKorder's service team is staffed with professional purchasing managers, each of which has ample experience with overseas procurement and customers...

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Service Guide

Customer Evaluation

  • Credit Rating
    Upon completing an assessment and receiving a OKorder credit rating, users will be able to enjoy OKorder's competitive financial services network.
  • Credit Services
    Despite a current lack of liquidity, demand for goods high? There is no need to worry about losing clients, and after OKorder conducts a credit assessment, all your credit issues are solved.
  • Credit Purchasing
    OKorder provides existing payment services so users need not worry about product quality issues - allowing them to do business with more confidence.