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Item specifice

Monocrystalline Silicon
Max. Power(W):
Number of Cells(pieces):


Maximum System Voltage


Operating Temperature


Maximum Series Fuse


Maximum Test Load,Push/Pull


Conductivity at Ground

≤ 0.1Ω

Safety Class



Voc and Isc Tolerance





Solar Cell Type

Mono 210×105 mm(8.3×4.1 inches)

Number of Cells

132 [2 x (11 x 6) ]

Module Dimensions

2384×1303×35 mm(93.9×51.3×1.4 inches)


38.7 kg(85.3 lb)

Front Cover

High transmission, AR coated tempered glass, 2.0mm

Back Cover

High transmission, Tempered, White Grid Glass/AR coating(optional), 2.0mm


Silver, anodized aluminium alloy




4.0 mm2 solar cable, ≥300 mm(11.8 inches)/customizable

Number of diodes



MC4 EVO2 compatible


Module per pallet 31 pieces

Module per 40'HQ container 17 pallets, 527 pieces


ü IEC 61215, IEC 61730

ü ISO 9001: Quality Management System

ü ISO 14001: Environment Management System

ü ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety

ü IEC 62941: Design and Manufacture of Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules


As a member of CNBM - a Fortune 500 company, Jetion Solar provides various product solutions, global EPC service and financing. Its standard and high- efficiency product offerings are among the most powerful and cost-effective in the industry. Till now, Jetion Solar has cumulatively more than 10 GW module shipment and 1 GW global EPC track records.


Installation instruction must be followed.See the installation manual or contact our technical service department for further information on approved installation.

The specification and key features described in this data sheet may deviate slightly and are not guaranteed. Due to ongoing innovation, R&D enhancement, Jetion.

Solar (China) Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make any adjustment to the information described herein at any time without notice. Please always obtain the most.

recent version of the data sheet which shall be duly incorporated into the binding contract made by the parties governing all transactions related to the purchase and sale of the products described herein.



Q:How can we guarantee the products quality?

A:Always provide the esteemed buyer a pre-production sample before mass production; Always testing every product before despatching the shipments;

Q:What products we can supply you?

A:Solar Panel,Inverter,Mounting System,Battery,PV Cable,Distributor Box,Pv Connector,Etc

Q:Where is your Manufacturer located? How can I visit there?

A:Our factory located in 501, Building 1, No. 600, Tongjiang Middle Road, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province,China

Q:Can the products pricing be cheaper?

A:Of course, you will be offered a a very good discount with large quantities.

Q: Can print our companys logo on the PV panels?

A:Yes! And we accept the OEM&ODM orders.

Q:I know this is too general,but i am to write a report on the materials used to make solar panels,and i am to include the physical, mechanical ,and chemical properties of the materials.It's just too general,such that i am lost.There are so many types of solar panels.So i hope some experts on this subject can give me a general guide lines ,maybe the tensile strength ?as much as you can please.Thank You
Solar panels are a collection of photovoltaic cells, that are used to generate electricity, from light. Here is the simple explanation from wikipedia, concerning photovoltaic cells . Photons in sunlight hit the solar panel and are absorbed by semiconducting materials, such as silicon. 2. Electrons (negatively charged) are knocked loose from their atoms, allowing them to flow through the material to produce electricity. The complementary positive charges that are also created (like bubbles) are called holes and flow in the direction opposite of the electrons in a silicon solar panel. 3. An array of solar panels converts solar energy into a usable amount of direct current (DC) electricity. Solar panels are used extensively for power generation in many places, but most space applications (like satellites and spacecraft) use solar panels. If you look at a picture of the current configuration of the International Space Station, the giant wing things are the solar panels.
Q:i'm making a small solar panel powered fan but it cant run the cellphone vibration motor even i have place two x2 solar panel.
this type of solar panel has some few watts. Ah is a quantity (which represent energy) that define the flow of ampere for a period of hour. so, the max instant electric current is 40mA and the max power is 40mA x 3.6 = 0.44 watts but, this value depends of the solar ilumination which the panel is subjected.
Q:What controllers and all that stuff do I need for these solar panels. Oh and the the batteries will be rigged up to a big electric motor so please leave information on how to wire the batteries to the motor...THANKS!!! 0 POINTS!
Solar okorder
Q:I'm curious to know if the small solar panels on a calculator (ie TI-32) could produce a voltage similar to what is used in a single-use (disposable) camera, approximately 4V.
It isn't Volts that matter if you're trying to put the calculator solar panel on the camera. It would be the amps. The calculator's solar panel will put out however many volts or very close to what the battery puts out. If you want you can test it out with a Volt/Ammeter. You see, those cameras use 2 double A batteries. They are going to put out a higher current than the small dime shaped battery in the back of your calculator; a higher voltage perhaps too. Those disposable cameras have a photo flash capacitor in them that has to charge. You can hear them charge up when you tell it to turn on the camera's flash. Sounds like a winding then the little orange light comes on. That light means the capacitor is charged. You SHOULDN'T be able to change out the batteries in the camera with a solar panel from a calculator without having to wait days for that flash capacitor to charge. Sorry. EDIT: HOWEVER, you can take multiple solar panels and wire them in a parallel circuit to get more current(amperes) or wire them in a series circuit to get a higher voltage. If you were to do this you could power whatever you wanted with them. Even your house if you were to get a rectifier to convert the power from DC to AC.
Q:I am looking to buy a solar panel.What does it mean when in the title it says 200 watts, or 50 watts?
Panel ratings are supposed to be standardized, the Watt value when tested at noon in July in the central U.S. on a clear day with the panel pointed straight up at the sun. The maximun theoretical power you could get is about 000 Watts per square Meter. Actual power taking into account efficiency losses wll be more like 850 Watts.
Q:Hi All,I need some resources for a research project i'm doing on Solar Panels/Cells.So do you know of any good books or online materials that basically covers how solar cellwork from level 0 to calculating the energy output based on intensity of the light and the area of the panel. Book titles will be preferable but i'd like to build a strong base before tackling long and complicated formula(s)... so any suggestions? Your help will be appreciated :)THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
The two wiki links below provide basic explanations that are good starters. They also lead to other information. You do not mention much about the actual project, so I can only guess what level to pitch the answer. In practical situations you will not be able to work out Solar panel performance by a formula, but by looking up the manufacturer's specification (data sheet). From that you have the power in watts that can be drawn from the panel for standard sun which is taken as 000W/m^2 at a standard temperature, usually 25C. Derate the panel for the temperature when it operates in the sun (50-60C).
Q:I was thinking about getting some GE Solar Panels and on there website that I am on, I didn't really see a price. can anybody give me maybe an estimate on how much each one would cost? thanks
I know someone that paid $600 a panel. I am not sure what kind or size, sorry.
Q:solar panels!!they are fantastic! cause they are the new way of quot;chargingyour home, without killing the earth!would you install them, or not? and make sure you say WHY
If your house was not built to include solar panels, it may encounter problems that most people do not consider. For example, your neighbor may plant trees nearby and they could shade your panels. Your house may not have good alignment with the sun, so your net hours of sunshine may be too small. If your local planning folks allow panels and your house is oriented properly to the sun and no trees will block the sun, I suspect it will be a good investment long term. Still the up front cost is high. I feel that common folk like myself would be better served if we could buy shares in our local power company by purchasing a number of panels ... offered and installed by them ... and that we would then get a net monitoring of both our own electrical use and a reduction on our electric bill for the portion of our investment. That way, it seems we could each make a small investment in solar and add to that investment as we earn more money ... and essentially eliminate the need for new centralized power plants. How many malls does your city have that are completely empty and could be returned to the community as a mini power plant site. My city is loaded with malls that nobody uses anymore. Businesses move and and fail because nobody goes there. They go to the new more sexy malls. Several of these outdated malls have power lines running directly through their empty parking lots. Why not have community solar investments in these sites? Every building could include solar panels and the entire parking lot could be covered with panels. The inside of the building could still be used for other routine purposes. The local power company would be the perfect organizer and maintainer. This way solar would not be so expensive. The cost would be shared by many and so would the rewards.
Rooftop solar panels might cause all sorts of maintenance or poor installation problems but I rather doubt at this point if we can say that there is an issue with solar panels in general that will cause a problem with the roof. Rather solar panels tend to shade a roof on its most exposed side. Without solar panels southern facing roofs will wear out faster than northern facing roofs. Installed solar panels will tend to make the roof last longer.

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